A downloadable game for Windows

Red Void is a fast paced 6-DOF shooter inspired by Descent and Vanquish. Made in Unreal 4 and programmed with blueprint.

It was created as a student project and features 2 small levels. Will hopefully create new levels in the future.

Feedback or general comments is welcomed! :)


If you can't download it, turn off pop up blocker or please go to this link:



Music was downloaded from freemusicarchive.org

Secrets by K-Not

Blindness by Jimmy Penguin

Second Cerulean Skin by Dissolved


Trailer Music -

Perturbator - Retrogensis



Update 01(11/26/2016):

-Dashing is now performed through a different input

-Tweaked enemy health and behavior f

-Charge shot now properly damages Rushing Cubes

-Charge shot now activates door switches

-New sound effects and particle effects

-Extended level 00

-Removed level 01 and replaced it with 02